Capacity to produce over 2.5 billion preforms per year. The PET Resin (raw material) for these preforms is produced in-house by Gatron and Novatex and therefore gives standardized & consistent preforms.

Sizes range from 11.25 gms to 55 gms, with neck sizes 28 mm PCO, 29/25 neck & 30/25 neck, for 330ml to 2250 ml Water / CSD bottles.

Produced on Husky HyPET & HPP Machines mainly installed after 2004.

We have Preforms approved and used by Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and other major brands, both domestically and in the international market.

Preforms are tested not only in the laboratory but also by actual blowing into bottles on regular basis. So, quality of preforms is also monitored in actual use.


PET Preforms

Specification Sheet