Gatron (Industries) Ltd. was formed in 1982 and since then has grown to become the largest producer of Polyester Filament Yarn in Pakistan. It is a publicly listed company on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) with its manufacturing facility located in the city of Hub, Balochistan, on the outskirts of Karachi.

Over the years, Gatron has consolidated its position in the polyester business on the strength of its integrated operations and diversified product portfolio. Our production process starts from a Polymerization Plant and we can produce a wide range of Polyester Filament Yarn products such as Draw Textured Yarn (DTY), Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), Twisted Yarn (TY) and Air Covered Yarn (ACY). These yarns can be produced in Super bright, Semi Dull & Full Dull lusters, and in Raw White, Black and Dope Dyed Colours. Our Denier Range is from 30 to 1000 Denier in Intermingled and Non-Intermingled Yarn, and our dpf (denier per filament) ranges from 6 dpf (normal) to 0.1 dpf
(super micro). Other denier/filament combinations can be provided as required by our valued customers.

Our yarns help create some of the best quality fabrics that define fashion around the world. They are used by most of the major downstream textile companies in Pakistan whether it be in Knitting, Twisting or Weaving. There is a wide range of end applications for our yarn which include men’s and women’s garments, sportswear, hosiery, denim, upholstery and Home Textiles including bed and bath linens, blankets, table tops & curtains etc.


Superior product quality has always been a cornerstone of our business strategy. We have equipped ourselves with the latest state-of-the-art machinery from leading providers around the world. An innovative team of experienced engineers and experts follow stringent operation procedures and are supported by online monitoring systems as well as a fully equipped laboratory to ensure our customers get the best quality products.